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One dad is turning his viral video into a business

Jenga Viral video

Easter brought a lot of excitement for those who celebrated, I’m sure. Who wouldn’t enjoy family time, sweets and Jesus returning from the dead? But Tim McAfee, dad of podcast host and former Colts punter Pat McAfee, seemed to have the most exciting Easter of us all because of a little wooden activity called Jenga.

The video of this thrilling Jenga game has gotten over 3 million views since Pat posted it to Twitter on April 1. Tim is seen doing the unthinkable: He goes for the middle of the stack, and what happens next is what miracles are made of.

Watch the viral Jenga moment below

The anticipation is killer, the end result is so satisfyingly joyous and Tim’s bold move paid off. On Twitter, Pat called it — and I quote —  “AN ABSOLUTELY ELECTRIC EASTER MOMENT.”

The Internet agreed:

But it doesn’t stop there. Turns out, Tim is actually good with wood (according to Pat, he does cabinet finishing), and he was so electrified by the experience that within two days, he started his own Jenga-like manufacturing business, McAfee Block Party.

“You and your family/friends can also experience this electric moment at any gathering,” states the McAfee Block Party home page, the viral video posted underneath. So far, you can purchase a basic set for $125 and a customized one for $175 (giant Jenga costs $120 and Jenga XXL costs $300). 

“The Basic (but still awesome) McAfee Block Party package consists of 54 blocks of wooden perfection,” the site reads. “11” in length, these precatalyzed lacquer coated Douglas Fir 2x4s stack in 18 beautiful layers of competitive blocking majesty.”

On the April 3 episode of “The Pat McAfee Show,” Pat goes on about how people will probably start calling Tim “Block Dad” or “Jenga Dad.” (Not a bad idea.)

As for the McAfee Block Party business, Pat has complete faith in his father-turned-Jenga-champion.

“We honestly believe that if you buy this, no matter what event you are at will become better,” he said. “I honestly believe this could change the world.”

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