A very unique — yet nevertheless hilarious — New York-based comedy show will be visiting Philadelphia on March 11. In town for just one night, “Brett Davis Is Not Real: A One-Man Nightmare” will be held at the Good Good Comedy Theater in Chinatown.

Of course, don’t let the show’s title fool you: Mr. Brett Davis is all too real, which is great, as he is a comedic force heralded by audiences and fellow comedians alike. He is the most recent winner of the coveted Andy Kaufman Award, which recognizes new talent in the spirit of its namesake; past winners include such nationally recognized comedians as Reggie Watts and Kristen Schaal. He wrote and produced the IFC series “Boy Band” and currently hosts a weekly live public access TV show, “The Special Without Brett Davis,” which has counted Oscar nominee Michael Shannon and infamous ECW wrestler New Jack as guests.

“In this show you'll see ‘Brett Davis’ perform as various horrible yet sensitive characters, ranging from sex demigods to depressed poetry professors,” Davis says, making sure to surround his own name in quotes. “This show is a showcase for them all, the result of countless nights of being the weird guy at the stand-up show with the bag of wigs.”

Davis is quite aware of such an appearance in the stand-up comedy scene, where performers typically work with little more than the microphone. “The comics would ask, ‘Is this guy for real?’” Davis explains. “This show is a definitive answer to that question. No.”


Fittingly, the show will be put on by Good Good Comedy Theater, which is renowned for staging unique and experimental comedy shows seven nights a week. While its focus is naturally on local acts, it will occasionally open its stage to touring talent such as Davis.

“Brett Davis is one of the best character performers around, he's always doing something weird and unexpected in his performances,” Good Good Comedy Theater co-founder Kate Banford says. “I find him thrilling to watch.”

“Brett Davis Is Not Real” will be appearing at Good Good Comedy Theater at 215 N. 11th St. in Chinatown on Saturday, March 11. The show will start promptly at 8:30 p.m. Tickets to the performance are $10 and can be purchased through goodgoodcomedy.com.

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