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Only in Canada: Wolves break into polar bear enclosure

Every week, our friends across the border at Metro Canada send us some of their most intriguing stories. Read on – and click through – to hear about the most sharable news from the Great White North.

1. Unexpected visitors for Winnipeg polar bear

Winnipeg Zoo was always hoping to pull brand new visitors in with their stunning new Journey to Churchill polar bear exhibit. It’s a shame that those visitors were wolves, who tunnelled in from the enclosure next door.

In the meantime while the Zoo repairs the tunnel and perhaps thinks about getting something else for the wolves to do, like a Sudoku, enjoy this prey-eye view of Canada’s hairiest predator.

2. Wheeeeeee!

Traffic on I-93 in Hooksett. (Credit: Nicolaus Czarnecki)  Traffic in Boston does not traditionally travel at 75mph.
Credit: Nicolaus Czarnecki / Metro Canada

Can’t drive 55? How about 75? Over 800 miles of highways, mainly in northern British Columbia, are going to be “upgraded” so their new maximum speed limit is 120km/h (that’s 74.5mph, in non-Canadian.) You’ll be able to enjoy the view of trees, trees, trees, and the occasional Tim Hortons much faster now.

The news comes much too late for this motorcyclist, who surrendered to police after going at 299km/h (186mph) on a highway in Victoria:

3. Even the angry obituaries are polite

Still in Vancouver Island, one local character received an unusual send-off when his family wrote a light, but sarcastic obituary in their local paper. George Ferguson’s memorial started: “Certainly, no one could accuse him of having been a loving son, brother or father. He’d gladly have stolen the shirt off your back and he was generous to a fault with other people’s money.” You can read more about the strangely hilarious memorial here.

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