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Only Taylor Swift would have haters this square

Taylor Swift, celebrities, paparazzi, photographers, privacy, money shot An alternate shot of the Swift madness.
Credit: Getty Images

Thanks to court documents, we can finally put some names and faces to the three Connecticut residents charged with vandalizing Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island vacation home, and the results are … kind of brainy. Michael Horrigan, 29, Tristan Kading, 28, and Emily Kading, 26, pleaded not guilty to charges they hurled beer bottles and shouted expletives at security guards monitoring Swift’s property last month, according to TMZ. So what do they do when they’re not drunkenly defacing property? Tristan Kading, for one, studied chemical oceanography at MIT and received the Richard Montgomery Award for Achievement in Mathematics. Younger sister Emily is studying to be a nuclear physicist, and both Tristan and Horrigan were given citations for heroism last year after rescuing a 12-year-old girl from a capsized canoe. Leave it to Swift to attract the nicest, smartest delinquents you could hope for. The defendants, by the way, say they “harbored no ill will toward Swift,” who wasn’t home at the time.

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