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Opinion: Bobby Valentine’s tenure an unmitigated disaster

If there is such a thing as a “Bobby V. guy,” I’m it. Do I believe he was placed in a no-win situation? Yes. Did he have his legs cut out from under him by players and management in April with the whole Kevin Youkilis fiasco? Yes. Was he dealt a roster that was entirely injury-prone and not as talented as previously thought? Yes. Was he largely misunderstood in his first (and likely final) year as Red Sox manager? Most definitely.

But baseball, more than any other sport, is about numbers and bottom lines. And losing 90-plus games in one season with a roster that featured several former All-Stars is more than enough reason for Red Sox management to give Bobby V. the axe today.

Anyway you slice it, the Boston Red Sox in the current MLB structure are not supposed to lose 90-plus games. The Red Sox are one of the few teams in professional sports that should always be immune to such failure. At the start of the season Boston’s payroll was $173,186,617, good for third in the majors. By comparison, the Baltimore Orioles (who are in the postseason today) had a payroll of $81,428,999 when the season began in April.

Through all the turmoil, all the passive-aggressive postgame comments, all the post-chicken and beer b.s., Bobby Valentine could and should have done better than 90-plus losses. He could and should have been able to communicate better with his players and staff.

The record here speaks for itself and it’s the lone reason as to why Valentine should be fired by the Red Sox today. There should be no hesitation on the part of management. They’ve had months to weigh their options. The path back to success for the Boston Red Sox does not involve Bobby Valentine.

Ugly ending?

Valentine already began defending himself yesterday.

Valentine replied “yes” when asked by WEEI if members of his own coaching staff undermined him in 2012.

CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman reported that Valentine will be fired today or tomorrow.

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