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Opinion: Don’t let Sox off the hook today

Fried chicken and beer is already forgotten. Despite the best efforts of the Red Sox front office this week, Terry Francona is already forgotten.

But the nearly unprecedented outrage we witnessed around here in late September and throughout October never really registered with the Red Sox players or the front office. After today, 2011 will be largely forgotten by the masses. But there’s still one more day to send a message.

Today is the day for the boo birds. You can forget about the actual team and actual baseball next Friday when the Yankees come to town. In case you haven’t been smacked in the temples by the Red Sox propaganda machine yet (and really, how could you avoid it at this point?), you know that Sox management is treating next Friday as the real franchise celebration when Fenway officially turns 100.

So use today as the day to voice your opinion on the state of the Red Sox. Voice your opinion on the franchise that treated the manager that won them two World Series crowns like Lansdowne Street trash on the way out last year. Voice your opinion on the franchise that traded away its shortstop for nothing more than straight up cash in the offseason. Voice your opinion on the franchise that is spending $60 million this year on players that have yet to throw a ball or step in the batter’s box. Voice your opinion on the worst collapse in baseball history last September. Voice your opinion on the 1-5 start that followed up this aforementioned mess.

The Red Sox may very well turn this thing around and make us forget about September. But they, as a collective group, have still not heard Boston’s full frustration for what has transpired in the past year.

Matt Burke is sports editor of Metro Boston. Follow him on Twitter @BurkeMetroBos.