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‘Orange Is the New Black’ recap: Season 2, Episode 2, ‘Looks Blue, Tastes Red’

OITNB Orange is the New Black The ladies tee off in a mock job fair. Photo: Netflix

To the joy of Orange Is the New Black fans who come for the drama but stay for the comedy, the show’s second episode of season two, entitled “Looks Blue, Tastes Red,” casts a spotlight where it belongs: right back onto the ladies of LitchfieldPenitentiary.

The episode opens with a flashback of a young Taystee (Danielle Brooks) – who was called Tasha back then – at an adoption festival. The inner city-spawned child, hopeful to land herself a “forever family,” tries to impress a family but ends up being too mouthy for her own good.

Taystee takes to a nearby bench to enjoy a blue ice treat, which tastes red, only to meet her future mother figure/drug dealer boss, Vee Parker.

Vee gives Taystee her nickname, and eventually ropes her into running drugs in the hood.

Back in Litchfield, present day, Pennsatucky returns from solitary, and blackmails Healy into giving her a brand new state-funded pair of teeth (which let’s face it, she desperately needed).

Both she and Piper, (Taylor Schilling) agree to the fallacy that each were equally responsible for the Christmas beat-down that put Pennsatucky in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Taystee is facing off against her fellow inmates at the Mock Job Fair, driven by the hope that victory could mean a decent job when she gets out of prison. Taystee wins, but all she has to show for it is a $10 credit in the prison commissary.

A constipated and still secretly pregnant Daya inspires a maternal face-off between her mother and Mendoza; both are pushing their home remedies for curing the ailment.

Red, still ousted from her kitchen duties, caves and starts hanging with the elderly prison crowd, which doesn’t suit her.

Overall, the episode satisfies the the hunger for a taste of the show’s colorful cast, but it leaves something to be desired in the way of flavor.

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Grade: B

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