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Organized approach at flu clinics

As scores of parents and children lined up yesterday at the city’s vaccine clinics, one distinct word was tossed around missing from last week — organized.

While lineups were still long, they were a lot more efficient and a lot faster, according to Alberta Health Services spokesperson Bruce Conway, and Calgarians agreed.

“We got the immunizations for our two little ones in just over two hours, but it was organized and we didn’t mind it at all,” mother Leanne Penner said of the wait at the Richmond Centre.

“We didn’t even attempt to go last week though, we’re more of the wait-back-and-see kind of people,” father Erv added.

Mother Kris Clarke was happy to see it was children only yesterday as the target high-risk group and commended the new system the AHS was toting.

“We were able to get bracelets, leave, and come back and keep our numbers. If it was more than a three-hour wait, they send you home to come back later,” she said.

Today will target pregnant women at the clinics throughout the city. Meanwhile, four more Albertans have died from H1N1, officials announced yesterday.

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