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Orlando Bloom is the jealous type regarding Kirsten Dunst

Dunst Bloom 2005  ElizabethtownThings are getting serious between Kirsten Dunst and longtime boyfriend Garrett Hedlund — and that’s apparently a problem for Orlando Bloom, who briefly dated his “Elizabethtown” co-star.

“Kirsten wants to marry Garrett, and she was shocked when Orlando reached out to her and ripped Garrett apart for his hard-partying, bad boy ways,” a source tells Radar Online.

“Orlando was basically acting like a jealous boyfriend even though he hasn’t been involved with Kirsten for years, and Kirsten called him out on it.” Dunst and Hedlund met while filming “On the Road” and have been dating steadily since 2012. “Kirsten’s pals believe she’s found a real soul mate in Garrett, and her work and outlook on life have improved dramatically since they’ve been together,” the source says.

“They wonder why Orlando is trying to spoil her good time.” Those pals do at least have some theories, though: “Orlando is in a bad place in his career and has seen roles that he wanted slip away to hunky younger actors like Garrett,” the source offers. “Orlando’s meddling, catty behavior with Kirsten and Garrett is likely to continue until he has another lucky streak in his career. But Kirsten isn’t letting anyone get between her and Garrett, least of all Orlando. She hopes to walk down the aisle with him.”

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