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Oscar Isaac and girlfriend welcome a baby boy

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This weekend, something beautiful happened. But you know how sometimes the most beautiful things are also the most tragic? It was one of those. A moment of such beauty, surrounded by an intense, corporeal pain.

What I’m saying is, Oscar Isaac is no longer just the internet’s boyfriend. He’s now, officially, the internet’s hottest dad. And I’m happy for him, but also? I’m hurting. Are you hurting too, knowing that the Internet’s fave is now even further out of your reach?

I’ll give you a moment.

The “Star Wars” actor, and man of everyone’s dreams, welcomed a son with his longtime partner, Elvira Lind. Lind revealed as much late last week.

According to Page Six, Lind, who won multiple awards at the Tribeca Film Festival for her feature documentary “Bobbi Jene,” recorded a video thank you for the jury. “I am beyond words! This is amazing,” she says. “If I could, I would be dancing, I’d be jumping up and down, probably all week long. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Oh, and all the while? She’s holding our future savior, lil’ baby Oscar Isaac.  

“What a week it has been,” she wrote later on Twitter. “A little lost for words.”

Isaac and Lind have been notoriously and intensely private about their relationship, although he did bring Lind with him to the Golden Globes once. Which was awfully nice of him.

No word on the name of the baby yet, and I bet we will probably never find out. One thing is for sure though — I betting this little family will join the ever growing list of good looking parents with good looking babies.

Congratulations on your baby, Oscar. And also on being even further out of my reach.