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Ottawa: Your perfect destination

Vacations: The adult version of Christmas holidays, they’re the time we long for, cherish and mourn when wrapping up before we were able to put a dent in the hammock. At that, they can also be rather stressful when struggling to pick a destination, coordinate and accommodate financially.

Yet while all of this is draining our potential fun time, there is an alluring, inexpensive and geographically ideal vacation locale for everyone from teenagers to seniors: Ottawa. As fiduciary responsibilities grow, the stay-cation becomes an enticingly sound option, reducing drain of every sort and compelling us to explore our own neighbourhoods.

Many hotels offer their own promotional campaigns, but one of the quickest and easiest methods of arranging a no-frills leave is as simple as contacting Capital Tickets (ottawatourism.ca/888-688-2928), the official booking agent for Ottawa Tourism.

Chatting with their representatives reveals an endless array of personalized getaways literally steps from our front door. With booking options for all surrounding hotels, events (Bluesfest, Jazzfest, Tulip Festival and more), shows (concerts, musicals, theatre), restaurants and government attractions (Art Gallery, War Museum, Museum Of Canada) with rates subject to availability/package choice, planning a miniscule holiday couldn’t be easier.

As a general guideline, there are two options for your “stay-at-home” vacation: One or two night packages. While both provide complete flexibility depending on preference, one night plans are provided à la carte, meaning one may choose the hotel and entertainment/dining experience of their choice, but the price break is minimal.

When delving deeper into two nights, options blossom. Starting at approximately $130 per evening (again, respective of room availability and event), one may opt for anything from a wine-and-dine package for two to theatre shows or musical expositions, often at discounted prices.

Moreover, a number of pre-arranged, fixed packages offer further enticement to the cash-strapped. The Family Discovery plan provides accommodation and family entry for two local museums/galleries while the Rendez-Vous for Two includes dinner, entertainment and accommodation for couples.

Again, note that coordinated packages are specially-rated/discounted and can be modified to suit tastes. Everyone from gal pals wanting some fun to executives needing pampering and those who enjoy gambling can find their invaluable value-plan thanks to the Girlfriends Getaway, Sip, Savour & Spa and Casino Getaway this summer.

If Ottawa already has it all — frugally at that — maybe it’s time to plan your stay-at-home vacation and explore what millions of tourists have been enjoying for years.

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