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Ottewell home peppered by gunfire

Gunfire rang out on a quiet Ottewell street Sunday night, as an unknown shooter sprayed a house with bullets.

An elderly couple was sleeping inside a white bungalow at 6604–93 Street just before midnight, when nine bullets were fired into the rear of the home from the alley.

Though the homeowner and his wife were tight-lipped and obviously shaken by the shooting, they confirmed from their doorway yesterday that they escaped the incident unharmed.

Four shots hit a rear window, and five others peppered the white siding on the back wall of the house.

Police have confirmed that the incident was not random. It’s believed that the shooters were not targeting the couple inside, but another family member who no longer lives in the home.

Edmonton Police Services spokeswoman Karen Carlson confirmed that the shooting was likely drug-related.

There is no clear description of a suspect vehicle, but a number of vehicles were spotted leaving the area at the time of the shooting.

The house is located in a quiet residential area, with two elementary schools nearby.

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