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Out of this world

They say there’s some magic in those beautiful red rock formations in mystic Sedona, Ariz., and who am I to argue?

Truth is, it’s pretty hard to find any place on earth more beautiful than this strange oasis tucked in the middle of the desert. I had heard stories of this spiritual mecca being a sacred place for Aboriginals for thousands of years, and soon after arriving I could see why.

Sedona is just somehow different, and almost surreal compared to the endless flat desert surrounding it. Many visitors have reported countless spiritual and paranormal experiences, and the UFO sightings continue to pour in every year.

In fact, Sedona is considered a major power centre, right up there with Stone Henge and the Pyramids, and I have to admit, I felt a certain surge in my aura while strolling among those amazing rocks.

It may have been the wine and burritos from the night before, but I swear many of Sedona’s massive rock formations looked almost intricately carved by someone or something.

Maybe it was the aliens.

Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock are two of the most popular attractions in the area. Bell Rock is considered by some to be a portal to other dimensions.

I could almost envision the mother ship waiting for me, beckoning me … or not.

Whether you happen to believe in the super natural or find it all hogwash, Sedona is well worth the pilgrimage. I found myself a tad awestruck, almost hypnotized at the unique beauty all around.

The surrounding community has a very laid back, almost spaced out (pardon the pun) feel to it.

There’s plenty of hidden canyons and trails for hiking and mountain biking, and many show up to enjoy a day of “birding,” apparently the cool Sedona way of bird watching.

Because its elevation is more than 1,300 metres, there are a unique variety of feathered friends to watch year round.

Although they have little in common, Sedona does share one feature with its polar opposite, Las Vegas.

In recent years, many couples flocking to the magic rocks for quickie, but spiritual weddings.

There is a lot to love in this magical little oasis … just watch out for little green men!

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