OxyContin targeted in robberies – Metro US

OxyContin targeted in robberies

OxyContin seems to be the drug of choice for a couple believed to be responsible for a series of robberies with the last couple months at city pharmacies.

Police believe the same duo, a female and a male, are responsible for up to 10 robberies, each time demanding the powerful drug.

“The man carries a knife and the girl claims to have a gun, though it hasn’t been seen or confirmed,” Staff Sgt. Beverly Voros said.

The robberies began in October 2008 and since then there have been up to 10, ironically enough, the latest happening 45 minutes before the scheduled press conference yesterday.

“We believe they may live in the area,” Voros said, noting most of the robberies have occurred in the southwest areas of Glamorgan, Strathcona Park and Rosscarrock.

Voros said OxyContin is a heroin-based drug that can be very “powerful and dangerous.”

“It could be for personal use or they can be selling.”