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Pa. teen charged with murdering pregnant woman at age 11 released

Jordan Brown was accused of shooting his sleeping father's fiance in the back of h
NY Daily News

Seven years after allegedly murdering his father’s pregnant fiancé, the now 18-year-old convicted killer has been released from juvenile custody in Pennsylvania.

Jordan Brown was accused of shooting Kenzie Houk in the back of her head while she was sleeping in February of 2009. Houk was eight months pregnant with a boy when the fatal shot took both their lives. Brown left his soon to be stepsisters motherless, and his father Chris Brown without a partner.

But the teen’s father doesn’t blame his son for the murder. “I know he didn’t do it. He says he didn’t do it. He’s always said he didn’t do it,” Brown told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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Despite consistent denial, 11-year-old Jordan Brown was charged as a juvenile and ruled “delinquent,” according to the NY Daily News, which is the juvenile court’s code for guilty.

Brown was later allowed to move to a group home in Crawford County reportedly following excellent academic, obedient and social behavior. Brown graduated from Maplewood High School at the top of his class and was recognized for participating in athletics.

A judge ruled that the teen cannot live with his father and instead would be released to his paternal great aunt and uncle in Boardman, Ohio in Mahoning County before attending college at a university in Erie this fall, reports said. He will remain on parole until he’s 21 and must stay out of Lawrence County until then.

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Debbie Houk, 52, is a mother scorned by her late daughter’s murder and avoided attending Brown’s hearing in the Lawrence County courthouse when his release was announced.

“I couldn’t stand to hear anything more about Jordan. Jordan this. Jordan that. It’s always about Jordan. What about Kenzie? What about my daughter? What about Kenzie’s daughters who don’t have a mother. What about my grandson who wasn’t even born?” she told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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Houk reportedly plans on moving away from Mahoning County because it is too close to where Brown will reside before entering his freshman year of college. She hopes the move will prevent her granddaughters from accidentally running into their mother’s murderer.

“You do what you’ve got to do,” Houk told the Daily News. “Right now, I just don’t feel safe. I can’t help how I feel.”

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