Pakistani government releases 'read out' of call with President-elect Trump - Metro US

Pakistani government releases ‘read out’ of call with President-elect Trump


Whether you have an elective abortion or a spontaneous miscarriage in Texas, your doctor hasto give your embryo a funeral, according to a new law, even if it is microscopic.

Don’t talk to strangers in Lithuania. The government is warning its citizens about a new “spyline.”

If you love going early to a movie to see all the previews, be prepared to stand and listen to the national anthem if you’re watching that movie in India.

A state judge rejected Jill Stein’s request to have the ballots in Wisconsin hand counted, solocal officials will have to determinehow to move forward.

Tornados in the Southleft at least five deadtoday.

There is arecall on dehumidifiers— 2.5 million of them.

Never give up hope! After three years,this lost dog was reunitedwith her owners.

Heropuppy saved a woman from a rapistin Brooklyn.

No shame in her game! Avery pregnant Ciaradoes a dance for her hubby.

Trump has been called “Twitter in Chief” so it isn’t any surprise that heannounced via tweetshe will be exiting from his “great business” to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

The Pakistani government, a “fantastic place of fantastic people,” released a“read out” of a call with President-elect Trump.

“Hailed as ’America’s Subway’ when it began operating 40 years ago,Washington’s Metro transit system now could serve as Exhibit Afor the U.S infrastructure woes President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to fix.”

Metro’s Matt Priggegave this film five out of five globes! Was it Warren Beatty that did it for him?

If you’re reading this on an Android, just know you’re better that the iPhone user next to you.At least this study thinks so.

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