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Palin’s politics of, um, ‘refudiation?’

Sarah Palin waded into the controversy over the Ground Zero mosque — and promptly stuck her foot in her mouth.

Writing on Twitter, the former Alaska governor implored followers to “refudiate the planned $100 million mosque and community center two blocks from the World Trade Center.”

That’s right, just “refudiate” it.

Palin removed the post within minutes, replacing it with appeals to both “Peaceful New Yorkers” and “Peace-seeking Muslims” to “refute the Ground Zero mosque plan.”

Not surprisingly, critics of the former vice presidential candidate jumped on her newfound word.

“English is a living language,” she Tweeted in response. “Shakespeare liked to coin new words too.”

The Cordoba Initiative, which has proposed the mosque and Islamic cultural center on Park Place, responded to Palin. “We peace-loving Muslims have a responsibility to lead the effort of rebuilding Lower Manhattan,” a representative said yesterday, citing support the plan has received from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and others.

“Sarah Palin has a right to her opinions, but I could not disagree more,” Bloomberg said yesterday.

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