Paraglider crashes on roof - Metro US

Paraglider crashes on roof

A North Vancouver homeowner says he’s glad a paraglider who crash-landed on his roof only suffered a broken leg and sore back.

“I was taking a nap, felt the house shaking and heard a bang,” homeowner Mike Glendenning told Metro Vancouver. “I thought it was an earthquake tremor at first. Then I heard voices and knew right away it was a paraglider.”

The paraglider was conscious when he hit the roof on Wednesday afternoon and was talking and smiling, according to Glendenning.

Rescue crews treated the victim at the scene before removing him from the roof and taking him the hospital.

Glendenning called it “a fluke accident,” but said it’s not the first time a paraglider has crash-landed in the neighbourhood.

“The important thing is the paraglider wasn’t badly injured,” he said. “I just hope next time it isn’t my house again. I wouldn’t want any of the hangliders or paragliders to stop jumping, though.”

Glendenning said the accident caused about $200 in damage.

Officials with Grouse Mountain said the damage to Glendenning’s house would be repaired.

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