Parenting notes for the week of November 28 - Metro US

Parenting notes for the week of November 28

New website to get addicted to

Need a laugh to get you through the day? Of course you do. Check out Nickmom.com, a new blog from the folks behind Nickelodeon with funny stories, videos and pictures. At the end of next year, NICKMOM will launch a four-hour block of programming on Nick Jr. with talk shows, stand-up comedy and other content geared toward today’s hip, tech-savvy mom (who likely grew up watching Nickelodeon).

Preorder your Cody Simpson doll

If your little girl or guy is obsessed with Australia’s answer to Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now preorder the hotly anticipated Cody Simpson doll at a Toys R Us near you. There are two Cody dolls to choose from: One’s dressed in a T-shirt and khakis, and the other wears a jean jacket and black pants. Both come with sunglasses, a microphone and a guitar pick so that even in doll form, the YouTube sensation can still rock the house — your house.

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