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Parking fee hike stays

Calgarians still won’t be seeing any relief when it comes to downtown parking rates.

A motion to reconsider a previous increase to short-term parking rates in the downtown was shot down by council yesterday.

“I thought this was very much an almost no-brainier as far as parking is concerned,” said Ward 8 Ald. John Mar, who tabled the motion.

In order for the reconsideration motion to be passed, Mar needed 10 votes in his favour.

“I thought I had the votes. I am very disappointed given the fact that this was only a 25 per cent rollback,” said Mar.

According to Mar, the rollback he was requesting would have made the price to park in downtown streets the same as 2008.

Calgary has among the highest short-term parking rates in North America and has a monopoly of on-street short-term parking, said Mar.

Mar wanted the 25 per cent rollback because of the increased financial pressure put upon both Calgarians and businesses in these economic times.

Ward 12 Ald. Ric McIver was also disappointed with the failure of the proposal.

“This should have been an easy one,” said McIver.

“I supported it because I thought it was simply what the citizens want and the right thing to do.”

This is the second time votes to reconsider parking rates have been turned back by city council.

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