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Parties celebrate breakups

Breakup parties welcome a person’s single state.

It’s the kind of night we plan for only our dearest of friends. The champagne is chilled and the group of close girlfriends assembled. The stripper is on his way, and the limo will follow soon after to whisk the group off to a night of dancing and VIP treatment.

But instead of a bride-to-be taking centre stage, the night is dedicated to a newly single friend. Even though the night may hold many of the same ingredients of a bachelorette party, a breakup party is meant to open that door into single life, instead of slamming it shut.

Nicole Glassman, founder of Magic Elixir, a company that specializes in coaching singles, recommends these nights — or at least some variation of them — to all her clients when getting over a breakup. “It’s a really good way to get back out there and have the support of your friends around you when you do,” says Glassman. “Sometimes people need a little bit of an extra push to get back out there and see that there is life outside that relationship, even if you’re the one that ended it.”

Although strippers and body shots don’t have to be on the night’s agenda, Glassman says doing something extra special does help. “Even renting a limo makes the night a little more fun.”

Variations on the breakup party that Glassman has seen include a night of fortune telling, where the night starts out with an astrologer or numerologist, followed by a night at a club or lounge; a girl’s getaway out of the city; or a pampering day at the spa.

“The key ingredient is just spending time with your girlfriends and doing something that lets you have a good time and let loose,” says Glassman.

The one thing the party shouldn’t entail is talking about the breakup. “It’s a good time to put it out of your mind altogether and focus on life outside of the relationship,” she says, adding the big bash should be planned for about a month after the breakup. “That gives you time to go through the depression phase and it also gives you something to look forward to.”

Kasia Iglinski


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