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Pats prepping for nasty N.Y. weather

With the weather report in Buffalo calling for at least 10 consecutive days of snow, the Patriots might consider scrapping their flight to upstate New York in favor of a pack of sled dogs.

Either way, Sunday’s key game against the Bills is going to be tough.

“We get some bad weather conditions here [in Foxboro],” Patriots receiver Wes Welker said. “But it’s even worse there.”

Running back Sammy Morris played in Buffalo from 2000-03, and he has since spent three years with the Dolphins and two seasons with the Patriots. With 31 upstate games under his belt, Morris could double as the team’s resident meteorologist.

Morris said last year’s season finale in Buffalo was “by far” the worst weather conditions he has ever seen in his football career. The wind gusts were so strong that the goal posts were blown out of position, causing the game to be delayed.

“It was so bad that, in the pregame, the wind was blowing so hard that the cheerleaders were out there trying to practice, and every time they took a step, the wind would just blow them across,” Morris said. “You couldn’t even throw the ball 10 yards in front of you without the wind just taking it.

That was like playing in the eye of the tornado.”

Patriots defensive lineman Ty Warren said the most difficult part of that game was simply trying to breathe. The wind was so strong that players thought they were close to fainting.

“You feel like you just want to fall down,” Warren said.

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