Peace activist drops out of politics ‘to be free to speak out’

Peace activist Tamara Lorincz is dropping out of politics.

In an open letter thanking her supporters, the Halifax resident said she will not seek another NDP nomination in the next election nor even remain a member of the party.

In the 2008 federal election Lorincz received more than 12,000 votes to finish second to Liberal Geoff Regan in the riding of Halifax West.

In her letter she says she did not have full support from the NDP because of her outspoken opposition to Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan and her views on growing militarism in Canada.

“I have realized that I personally can’t work within a party for social and environmental change,” the letter reads.

Lorincz urges “good people” to enter politics but says it’s not for her.

“I want to be free to speak out against the injustices that I see and to take action as my conscience leads me,” she writes. “My passion is to make the world a better place, but in a non-partisan way.”

The letter highlights Lorincz being saddened by NDP Premier Darrell Dexter’s support of Lockheed Martin. When the Tories were in power last spring the manufacturer received a $1.8-million payroll rebate from Nova Scotia Business for a development facility employing more than 150 people.

“This is a company that sells its weapons to our government and then pockets our tax dollars,” writes Lorincz. “This war profiteering is crippling our economy and bankrupting us morally.”

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