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Peck loves the rock ‘n roll Vibe

Name: Erica Peck

Who she is: A 23-year-old singer and actress currently starring in The Wedding Singer at Stage West. Peck previously starred as Scaramouche in the hit musical We Will Rock You, as well as in The Boys in the Photograph.

What she drives: A 2005, bright red Pontiac Vibe.

Why the Vibe?
It’s got good pickup. It gets me places fast and I can zip in and out. I’m a responsible driver, but I also have a habit of leaving late, so it has an attentive gas pedal, which I need (laughs). To be honest, I like a car that turns on and gets me there. I’m not too caught up in the technicalities.

What’s your car’s best feature? I have to say I love the stereo. It’s great and that’s super important for someone like me. I spend half my time listening to really loud rock ’n roll and the other half of my time singing really loud rock ’n roll.

What would we find in your trunk right now? A whole bunch of vintage clothing — shoes and purses and all things old and wonderful. I have a vintage clothing business that I run on the side. And there’s a can of spray paint rolling around back there, but I’m not sure what that’s about.

Have you taken any road trips? I love road tripping. I’m definitely somebody who asks friends to go shopping in Buffalo, then just hit the highway and just drive there. I love driving, I love listening to music in the car. It’s my warmup before a show, I do all my vocal warmups in the car before a show. Usually my road trips involve either shopping or camping and beaching.

If money was no object, what car would you buy?
I’d buy two cars because my boyfriend doesn’t have one and he needs a car. I think for myself, I would buy a PT Cruiser convertible.
My parents used to have one and I drove it all the time and I loved it. I just think they’re so cool and have tons of personality. So I’d buy two matching PT Cruisers in black and electric purple.

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