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PETA, Inuit elder differ on seal hunt

PETA members dressed as bloodied baby seals gathered in front of the Olympic Countdown Clock on Thursday in protest of the annual Canadian seal hunt.

The group collided with Anaogok Alakee, an Inuit elder from Nunavut, who said the seal hunt isn’t about killing and selling; instead, it’s a way of life for her and her people.

“We’re protecting our own culture,” Alakee said. “(PETA’s) activity is killing a way of life.”

However, PETA member Lou Kamenov said there’s a distinction between the Inuit and commercial hunt.

“They burned 40,000 seal pelts last year in Norway because they couldn’t sell any,” Kamenov claimed. “How is that a way of life?”

PETA is attempting to use the Olympic spotlight to shame Canada into making the seal hunt illegal.

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