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Photo: MBTA worker caught sleeping on the job

An MBTA worker who has been with the transit agency for 25 years is facing severe disciplinary action after a photograph surfaced of him sleeping on the job at the Quincy bus garage.

A concerned T employee, who asked to remain anonymous, said he snapped the photograph within the last two weeks. He sent the photograph to Metro on Thursday afternoon, and said the behavior is a “constant occurence” at the Quincy garage.

“I have seen him sleeping or nodding off several times,” the witness told Metro in an email. “Also, other employees have witnessed the same. He works the Quincy Yellow cab during the day and Mbta late night desk [at end of service.] Work performance is definitely affected. Any employee caught sleeping is an automatic 10 day suspension.”

MBTA Spokesman Joe Pesaturosaid the incident was reported to authorities on Thursday.

“At 11:30 a.m., the photo was sent to the MBTA via the See/Say app. The Director of Bus Operations has started an investigation,” said Pesaturo, later adding that the worker would face severe disciplinary action.

Earlier this year, after a series of similar sleeping photos were released to the media, the MBTA warned it would fire employees caught sleeping on the job.

A Green Line operator was suspended after he was snappedsleeping behind the wheel of a trolley in July of 2013. In that case, Boston news station Fox 25 posted the alarming video.Sleep depravation was to blame in a November of 2012 Green Line crash at Boylston Station that injured dozens of passengers. The operator, who had not slept because he had worked an overnight shift at a second job the night before, was fired.

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