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Photo series shows regular objects organized perfectly

Some people just love to see everything in order – even art. That’s why the American artist and blogger Austin Radcliffe created the book called “Things Organized Neatly: The Art of Arranging the Everyday.” The series of photographs shows ordinary objects, like shoes, fruit and bottles aligned in perfect harmony.

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What led you to create the “Things Organized Neatly” book?

Rizzoli emailed me out of the blue one day and asked if I wanted to make a book. I put together a list of my favorite photographers and artists to include. Then we created an all-star list of frequent contributors to the Things Organized Neatly blog. So this book is a best of.

Are you obsessed with order?

Many people are surprised to find I am not extremely organized! I keep a certain order in my home, but my desk would not pass muster for the blog on any given day.

What’s been the reaction of the people to your creations?

People love the order and say it gives them a sense of calm. I always like to hear when people say they spent an hour or more clicking back through the archives of my blog. There are thousands of photos on my site, so you could spend all day there. What is the objective of creating these kind of images? I think it’s somewhat scientific, and it also indicates care and dedication. My blog doesn’t have a message or mission, per se. One thing the images all share is evidence of a human hand that placed these objects, or reverence for the photo subject.

What is the process to create these kind of images?

Most of the images are shot in a photo studio, a controlled environment with lights and camera rigs. Some of the images that I made for the book are ‘portraits’ of artists that I created by collecting and knolling items from their studio.

-By DanielCasilla

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