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PHOTOS: Adorable baby sugar gliders will warm your heart

These tiny little sugar gliders are lucky to be alive after surviving a cat attack that killed their mother.

Somehow the youngsters, who were just a few days old at the time, and the size of jellybeans, survived and were rushed to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital in Queensland, Australia.

Here they have received round-the-clock care and are now several months old.

However, the miniscule orphans still have a lot of growing to do and will remain at the hospital for another three months before being released into the wild.

At the moment they weigh just 12 grams – about a fifth of the weight of a Mars bar – but will weigh around 230 grams as adults.

According to chief vet Dr Michael Pyne the plight of the young joeys is sadly not an unusual one.

“These guys [sugar gliders] are nocturnal and cats tend to get at them a bit because the night is when they do their hunting.

“In this case a cat has killed the mother and fortunately the people who found them were smart enough to look in the pouch and find the joeys.”

Check out the video below to see sugar gliders in action!

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