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PHOTOS: ‘Bounce Below’ is the world’s first underground trampoline installation

The world’s very first underground trampoline installation is now open to the public in the deep caverns of Wales. Bounce Below is a network of three giant trampolines, stairways and slides, mounted to the vertiginous walls of an abandoned slate mine in the town of Blaenau Ffestiniog, north Wales.

Director’s viewpoint

“The surreal experience of Bounce Below cannot be matched as there’s nothing like it anywhere else on Earth. It’s essentially a ginormous underground playground and an amazing way to experience a subterranean world in a way never before possible,” says Sean Taylor, director of Bounce Below.

Inside the cavern

The walls of Bounce Below are covered with technicolored lights which illuminate the subterranean background with vibrant colors. The LED lights also reveal the beauty of the underground cavern, which was dug out by hand for around 4,500 hours to remove 500 tons of rock and rubble in a process akin to the slate mining that took place there.

By the numbers: 180

The trampoline is installed at a stomach-churning 180 feet. Bounce Below warns that the trampoline experience does “offer a degree of physical and mental challenge. Due to the type of activity, medical conditions e.g. heart condition, claustrophobia or epilepsy may increase the chance of being involved in an incident.”

Bounce Below facts

Maximum weight per person: 265 lbs
Price per person (introductory rate): $25.75
Size of cavern: 100 x 60 ft
Duration of activity: One hour

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