PHOTOS: Everything inside Syfy’s Hall of Magic in Brooklyn – Metro US

PHOTOS: Everything inside Syfy’s Hall of Magic in Brooklyn

PHOTOS: Everything inside Syfy’s Hall of Magic in Brooklyn
Courtesy of Syfy

Think you have some magical ability? For nine days, we’re all accepted to Brakebills University, popping up right here in Williamsburg.

Syfy is bringing to life the supernatural school from its series “The Magicians” beginning today, Jan. 20 through Jan. 29. The Hall of Magic, set inside the William Vale Hotel’s retail space at 55 Wythe Ave., immerses visitors in the show’s world through some clever technological tricks that give us extraordinary abilities like telekinesis, spell casting and even the power to rearrange the stars.

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Though all of the free tickets to Hall of Magic have been claimed, walk-ins are welcome from 2-10 p.m. on weekdays and 12-10 p.m. on weekends. For a preview of what to expect, we had a chance to check it out last night to give you a walkthrough:

Entrance: After a trippy walk down a shrinking hallway, you enter the Hall of Magic through a grandfather clock. The hallways are modeled after the show’s stately Brakebills University, seemingly ordinary until you open one of the many doors.

Library: The first room takes you into a library where the books not only line the walls but fly up toward the ceiling — a book lover’s dream photo op.

Apothecary: Naturopathy gets a literal take inside this apothecary, which appears to be inside a tree, with leaves and ivy hanging down over its shelves and tables of herbs and flasks. Lucky visitors will have the chance to get a personal reading from the resident magical herbologist — if you’re brave enough to know what their future holds.

Forest: In another “Alice in Wonderland” moment, you’ll find yourself wandering through dark woods lit by glowing lollipops. Follow the enchanted candies to an elaborately set dinner table, where the utensils move by themselves.

Do Some G*ddamn Magic: Step into the spotlight to practice your spellcasting in this room. With just the power of your hands, you’ll be able to make a record player spin, picture frames tilt, shake up a snowglobe and more!

Levitation: In one of the can’t-miss photo ops of Hall of Magic, you become a magical DJ by lying on a small shelf to look like you’re levitating records through the air.

Classroom: Straight out of “The Magicians,” this classroom has surprises hidden everywhere from the teacher’s desk to the bookshelves. Test your “dueling” skills at the back of the room by putting on a headset with a friend and trying to push a ball along the table using not your thoughts, but emotions.

Room of Shadows: Flashes so bright visitors are warned to close their eyes as the photographer counts down imprint a shadow on the wall, like a life-size negative (if you’re old enough to remember those).

Relax: Our favorite room was also one of the simplest. Step inside this darkened room, lay down on the astroturf floor and look up — your body becomes a constellation on the ceiling. Wave your arms and watch the stars move with you, or just enjoy a moment of stargazing that’s not possible anywhere else in the city.

Kaleidoscope: Hall of Magic ends with some practical magic, and one of the coolest photo ops in the whole exhibit. Stick your head inside one of four kaleidoscope boxes filled with flowers and charms to create some photo magic.

So there you have it! Good luck on your magical journey, and catch Season 2 of “The Magicians” beginning Jan. 25 at 9 p.m. on Syfy.