Photos of puppies shaking water off will adorably kill all your time – Metro US

Photos of puppies shaking water off will adorably kill all your time

Animal photographer Car­li Davidson has captured the hysterical expressions made by puppies as they frantically shake water off themselves. Davidson, 33, who lives in Portland, Oregon, photographed 100 cute doggies while in mid-quiver for her second book on contorted canines called “Shake Puppies”, out on sale now.

Last year you photographed adult dogs in mid-shake – now it’s the puppies’ turn. What made this photo series different?

The puppies were easier to photograph. I think they were just more sensitive to being tussled and the mois­ture we sprayed them with.This time around, I worked a lot with rescue shelters and pet owners in finding the right dogs because I refused to work with unethical breeders. Finding dogs that were under a year old proved to be more challenging than I anticipated.

How did they feel about being in front of the camera?

The puppies showed curiosity and excitement. Some were a bit nervous so we treated the shoot like a
training session and spentan hour getting them usedto the set and making theexperience positive. Almostall were playing with us bythe end of the shoot.

What can we look forwardto in the new book?

Uplifting and epic cuteness is what readers should expect.I really feel this book is something like an antide- pressant: you can look atthis collection of bright, fun,sometimes surreal imagesand be transported for a littlewhile tothat giddyfeeling weall look forto escapethe weightof the everyday.