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Picard: Ignore the Deflate-gate noise, embrace the Patriots’ greatness

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There’s just too much noise lately.

And none of it has to do with the fact that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are about to hoist their fourth Lombardi Trophy.

Think about that for a minute. Think about the Rams. Think about the Panthers. Think about the Eagles.

And yes, you should even think about the Giants.

Both of those losses hurt. No doubt. There’s not a perfectly-pumped football in the world that could make up for 2007 and 2011.That said, you shouldn’t ignore the fact that those two Super Bowls do count when acknowledging that Sunday marks the Patriots’ sixth Super Bowl appearance under Brady and Belichick.

For anyone who’s pounded their chest over the last two weeks and called the Patriots cheaters, there’s clearly an agenda there. Put it this way, it’s probably not a joy to watch New England regularly playing in January, unless you have an affiliation with the region or team.

All this garbage about under-inflated footballs is nothing but a whole lot of nonsensical noise coming from people who hate seeing someone else remain successful.

I mean, think about where they’ve taken it. Grown men are now taking 12 experimental footballs into bathrooms to see how long it takes to let the air out of each one. Some have even questioned that locker-room attendant’s bladder control when trying to defend their outrageous “Deflate-gate” theories.


There’s too much noise, and not enough common sense. Most of that common sense has to do with the fact that Brady and Belichick are still dominating the NFL, regardless of PSI levels.

I’m not telling you the Patriots don’t do anything to their footballs. I’m telling you that every quarterback does something to get a better grip. It’s a personal preference. It’s not a competitive edge. It can’t be. Not if every team is doctoring their footballs. And trust me, nobody is doctoring their footballs during a ballboy’s 90-second bathroom trip.

Problem is, PSI levels didn’t truly matter to the league until this year’s AFC Championship. And look where we stand. We’re following locker room attendants to the toilet. A video, by the way, that the Patriots gave to the league at the beginning of the investigation.

Instead, we should be acknowledging greatness. We should be embracing Brady and Belichick’s sixth Super Bowl appearance, and their shot at a fourth Lombardi Trophy.

Indianapolis Colts safety Sergio Brown always likes to imitate Ric Flair after wins. But one Flair quote he always leaves out is, “To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man!”

The Patriots are once again the best team in the AFC. And on Sunday, they’ll prove that they’re the best team in the NFL. And it will have nothing to do with air pressure in the football.

That story caused way too much noise.

Noise that will be non-existent next year around this time, when Brady and Belichick are back in the Super Bowl, trying to hoist their fifth Lombardi Trophy.

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