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Pity vote doesn’t last

It’s clear to see that Idol is reflecting the state of the music industry today where talent isn’t a requirement, and looks make you a celebrity.

American Idol has nothing to do with talent anymore. People just want to create celebrities. That’s all this show is for. That, and to sell ad space.

Jason Castro’s blue eyes have carried him to safety time and again, and he’ll be returning next week as part of the final four.

This isn’t a beauty pageant folks, this is a singing competition. It’s obvious the teenyboppers are the ones running to their phones to place their votes — all the 16-year-old girls who go gaga for these young guys.

David Archuleta was also safe, no surprise there, as was David Cook.

Last week’s pity vote for Brooke White managed to carry her through until now, but that was before she was announced as being in this week’s bottom two with Syesha Mercado.

But before the votes were revealed by host Ryan Seacrest, viewers were entertained a little longer with performances by British pop singer Natasha Bedingfield who sang her new hit single Pocketful of Sunshine. Neil Diamond, whose music was this week’s theme, also took to the stage singing Pretty Amazing Grace from his new album.

Unfortunately for White, who garnered the least number of votes cast for each competitor following Tuesday night’s show, it was her turn to bid adieu to the title of American Idol.

Reaching Top 5 is a big deal, and White has gained a lot of exposure that should help her career in music. Compared to Archuleta or Cook or even Mercado, White just didn’t have a strong enough voice to compete any longer.

“This is the biggest opportunity there is … and I just wanted to come and see where it takes me … ” White said during her pre-taped goodbye.

“I just want to say thank you, this is going to be terrible for me, thank you,” said White who choked back tears before she started singing Diamond’s I Am … I Said.