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Pizza that’s fit for a king

Royal Pizza
Rating: ****

Family movie night is a ritual at our home: dad picks up a fast, inexpensive and portable dinner, the girls pick a movie and mom pops the corn. Though the occasional Barbie flicks slips through our Pixar rotation, we all have a great time and share some laughter.

Fast, inexpensive and portable? Pizza. That Saturday afternoon, I swept in to Royal Pizza to order and returned to pick up the freshly-made meal a half hour later.

As soon as I arrived, we settled in to watch something pink and gut-wrenchingly saccharine. I delved into our large Royal Special in order to settle my stomach; after my first bite, I pretty well ignored the screen.I sheared through a thick layer of cheese in order to reach the hidden level of black olives, ham and pepperoni. Each slice was generously showered with peppers, onions and mushrooms as well. The firm crust — while slightly greasy — was thick enough to hold the toppings but not overwhelm the flavours.

I’ve been to Royal Pizza, the so-so restaurant, and I’ve sample the frightful “Boss Has Gone Mad” spaghetti pizza. However, now that I’ve tried their finest work in the perfect setting — my home — I can understand their success. It’s pizza fit for a king.

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