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PKN 6 to reveal secrets

We shouldn’t be telling you about tonight’s meeting of the minds, but we’re not great at keeping secrets.

Pecha Kucha 6 — Psst It’s a Secret will plunk free thinkers into an intellectual swap meet this evening, when presenters will reveal some of the city’s best and worst-kept secrets.

“It’s about sharing ideas, networking and getting people talking,” PKN 6 organizer Brian Murray said.

Public policy adviser Ken Chapman is one of 10 presenters eager to lay down ideas at the quarterly event, talking lesser-known factoids for roughly seven minutes each.

The Reboot Alberta organizer will discuss a new political compass, in that the old characterization of “left vs. right” is no longer valid in “a new world consciousness.”

He says accepting an invite to present was a no-brainer.

“The people who are most disillusioned, disdainful and disinterested in politics and political culture these days are women and youth,” he said. “The large part of the Pecha Kucha audience is going to be that group. It’s a natural audience to start hearing this, do their own investigating, to see what makes sense to them and start re-engaging in the political culture of Alberta.”

The topics, Murray says, range from open data, to area youth in crisis, to evolution and beyond.

“If people want to experience new, creative energy in the city, they should come. You never know what you’ll hear or what secrets will be uncovered,” Murray said.

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