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Plan the perfect Sex and the City party

It is a very exciting night for fashionistas as Sex And The City 2 debuts in North American theatres. My prediction is that the movie will be this summer’s biggest style influence for fashion and decor.

The inspiration starts when Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte head off to Abu Dhabi for some fun and frolicking. The glamorous wardrobe and stylish hotels and restaurants are truly inspiring. I plan on celebrating the debut over the weekend in real SATC style by hosting a party. Are you celebrating? If you’re planning a party, here are a few elements to incorporate:

Dress code: For the ladies it’s all about updated 1970s glamour; think wide pants, chiffon blouses and silk bandanas. It’s reported that $1.8 million was spent on wardrobing this movie.

I’m betting that wardrobe will be imitated for the hottest summer looks. The Halston-Heritage stretch jersey white cocktail dress ($375) is a must-have if you are hosting a Sex And The City party. Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) flaunts the dress in the movie and on the movie’s poster.

The Halston-Heritage collection is available in Canada only at 18 selected Bay stores.

For male guests, the look is Calvin Klein meets Arabian nights; pale-coloured drawstring linen pants and baggy shirts; a silk or linen scarf, sandals and if daring, a tie-dyed turban and a smear of eyeliner! Your local Le Chateau store will have everything you need to get this look at an affordable price. I suggest buying one size up from what you would normally purchase in clothing; the baggier the clothes the better you will pull off this desert fashion look.

Decor: Think ethnic, exotic and Indian/Moroccan-inspired home accessories. The place to go is your local Pier 1 store, as their summer selection is ripe for the picking at this time with exotic-inspired merchandise in stock; my favorite is the Pagoda Outdoor Umbrella for $169. Everything from Moroccan lanterns, bright fabrics and fancy umbrellas in colours of orange, turquoise and green will transform your balcony or deck into an exotic getaway for the party.

Music: The Sex And The City soundtrack is a fantastic lineup of familiar girl-power songs sung by new and established artists. Warn your neighbours about the music, because it’s a collection of old favourites that will make you want to crank up the volume. This exotic party will be just what I need to get me in the mood for this must-see movie.

Karl Lohnes is passionate about good decor and wants to help you have a beautiful home; no matter what your budget or style.

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