Plastic surgery: It’s a guy thing

Men are having their tummies tucked and their faces lifted like never before. Statistics recently released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that rates of cosmetic plastic surgery are rising in men.

“It’s not just a women’s world,” says Dr. Wayne Carman, a plastic surgeon and medical director of the Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Toronto. “More and more, men are involved in real surgery, not just microdermabrasion. Proper surgical interventions are the next step along that road after buffing and puffing.”

ASPS statistics reveal that the number of facelifts done on men in the U.S. has risen 14 per cent since last year, and liposuction increased by seven per cent.

While there isn’t a body that collects similar Canadian statistics, the groundswell of interest here would be comparable to the U.S., says Carman. He explains what is driving the trend.

“The baby boomers are passing through the change of life stage. They have relationship issues, employment issues, self-worth issues. Men of that cohort recognize they do need to look more fit and healthy. It is a young workplace.”

Plenty of men in their 50s have life circumstances that make cosmetic surgery appealing: a relationship with someone younger, spare time they never had before, and the money to pay for surgery.

“They’re not trying to look like a movie star, they’re just trying to look younger.”

Men tend to need more down time after plastic surgery than women because they are unable to wear makeup during the recovery phase. Early retirement provides them with the time necessary.

“Perhaps they got a package. For the first time, they have three weeks off. That time window is more commonly available.”

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