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Playboy arrives at the office — Wait, what?

Playboy and “safe-for-work” aren’t usually synonymous but TheSmokingJacket.com, named after Hugh Hefner’s iconic wardrobe, promises to be just that.

“Cube dwellers and office drones alike shall rejoice at this fun, sexy, satirical antidote to the drudgery of the workday,” crowed Jimmy Jellinek, editorial director of Playboy, in a press release.

But some of New York’s “office drones” say they wouldn’t be caught dead visiting the site.

“Absolutely not, that’s very unprofessional,” said Marco Shumann, 37, a Deutsche Bank employee. He pointed to a photo on the main page. “A woman half-naked in bed. That would not be OK at any bank on Wall Street, that’s for sure.”

“I would be a little uncomfortable,” said his co-worker Raquel Nunez, 24, if she saw an office mate looking at the photos.

Metro’s HR generalist Michelle McCumiskey scanned the site and said it had sexual harassment potential written all over it.

“I would tell IT to put this on the do-not-use list,” she said. “I would be uncomfortable if I walked past someone’s desk and saw this … especially the article ‘Don’t bang the boss.’” If it makes someone else uncomfortable and they can see it, it’s sexual harassment.”

Relax, say others.

“I would be fine looking at this,” said Gene Phillips, 28, a South African native who co-owns a financial consulting firm. Even if he didn’t have a boss hovering over his shoulder, he would still click away.

“It’s not like it’s your screensaver. This is more art than pornography.”

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