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Playboy bunny backhands Bieber

Playboy bunny backhands Bieber
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Oh man, it’s only Monday and I may already have my favorite story of the week. According to firsthand accounts by Playboy bunny Sarah Harris, Justin Bieber was such a misbehaving little creep at a visit to the Playboy Mansion this summer that he got kicked out for “invasive” behavior. The incident involved Bieber engaging in a bit of unwanted groping after Harris stood up for him not wanting to have his picture taken with a fellow bunny.

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By way of thanks for the defense, Bieber hugged her and gave her a peck on the cheek — but he didn’t stop there. “And then he grabbed my boob,” Harris said in a recent radio interview. “And it was my instant reaction to just backhand him across the face.” In her defense, that’s my instant reaction to just seeing Bieber, so yeah.

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“He kind of freaked out and didn’t even say anything, and then Kylie Jenner [gave me] the finger and then security took them both out,” Harris explains, adding that a sheepish Bieber reappeared at the mansion three days later to apologize. “To be honest with you, now we actually get along OK.” Sure. He was just testing boundaries, right?

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