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Playing the Field: Dez Bryant gets a babysitter, Terrell Owens is gone

At some point in every young person’s life they grow old enough to be out on their own. Maybe that’s about the time they turn 16 and get the freedom of a driver’s license. Maybe it’s when they go off to college and live on their own for the first time.

Or maybe, when you’re Dez Bryant, you are 23 years old and still need a babysitter 24/7.

Yes, the Dallas wide receiver who was recently arrested for beating up his mother has reportedly agreed to a set of rules that include a rotating shift of security guards with his ’round-the-clock. Also, he is not allowed to drink, go to strip clubs or be out past midnight. Seriously.

There is no question Bryant is super talented, but when you have to put such a restrictive set of rules on someone for their own benefit there is something seriously wrong. In fact, the Cowboys already did this once before … with Pacman Jones. He ended up getting into a fight with one of his team-appointed bodyguards and his career is now nonexistent.

That reminds me …

Sayonara T.O.

Speaking of diva Cowboys receivers, Terrell Owens was cut by the Seahawks yesterday.

I’m not exactly sure why Pete Carroll brought the bum in this preseason, but thank God he is gone. I couldn’t live with a heartwarming piece about Owens fighting his way back into the league. (Probably narrated by Stuart Scott.)

It fills me with overwhelming joy that both Chad Johnson and Owens are now cut. Owens already admitted his was basically broke and I imagine Johnson can’t be far behind him. They were given a million chances and a million pieces of advice and they blew off all of them. I’m not going to feel sorry for either of them.

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