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Playing the Field: Erin Andrews had a rockin’ New Year’s, ESPN’s Heather Cox didn’t

How do hockey players do it?

There really must be some sort of charisma gene that is tied into being able to skate and wield a fiberglass stick at the same time.

Locked out Los Angeles Kings player Jarret Stoll couldn’t have spent the early hours of New Year’s Eve (and quite possibly the later hours) with Erin Andrews, just by being Jarret Stoll, could he?

Sure, Stoll is a good-lookin’ fella. But what separates him from the average Joe in marketing who spends more time at Planet Fitness than in the office marketing?

Surely Andrews would have no idea who this guy was if he was just walking down Main Street. Even the most seasoned sportscasters don’t recognize hockey players out of their element – especially considering most sportscasters don’t watch hockey.

So does Stoll just introduce himself as a hockey player and does Andrews immediately fawn over him? She’s been around professional athletes with much bigger (ahem) salaries than Stoll before.

Was this just an elaborate New Year’s Eve double-date set up by John Legend and Chrissy Teigen?

The world may never know.

Let’s all laugh at ESPN

Videos like the one below are the equivalent of porn in sports media circles. Anytime ESPN gets treated like the Local Yokel Gazette the sports media world outside of ESPN jumps for joy. Yes, it’s a tad hypocritical considering most of these people would jump to the Worldwide Leader in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. Nonetheless, watching ESPN squirm is a fun and always petty hobby to hold down until that day comes.

Here are overbearing Rose Bowl officials dragging Stanford coach David Shaw away from sideline reporter Heather Cox yesterday. Cox finishes off the interview with a tremendous, “Are you kidding?”

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