Playing the Field: Justin Verlander vs. A-Rod and knee caps vs. ice

The stark difference between the lives of Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and Yankees bench-warmer Alex Rodriguez couldn’t be apparent today.

Verlander allowed just three hits and one run in 8.1 innings of work Tuesday night in the ALCS. Meanwhile A-Rod, formerly the best player in the game, didn’t see the field.

Off the field, it’s another win for Verlander. It has been confirmed that he is dating the most desired supermodel on earth in Kate Upton while A-Rod had to explain to his own blonde, busty gal pal, Torrie Wilson, why he was asking for phone numbers via baseballs.

Apparently, A-Rod did a fine job making excuses as Wilson tweeted out the following last night:

“Gotta love the gossip mills. It’s amazing how ppl get their kicks, huh?”

Still, life has to be a lot easier for the King of Detroit. One all-time great is riding high in 2012. The other wishes it was still 2002.

Bobby Orr has better knees than this guy

So now we know. This is what happens when you try to do a cannonball through a sheet of ice.

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