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Playing the Field: Mike D’Antoni is pissed off, SUV dunk goes horribly wrong

There was a time in the U.S. where the NHL was equal to, if not more popular than the NBA. After another fabulous night of NBA hoops last night, in which the Lakers lost AGAIN and the Knicks-Nets rivalry got cranked up another notch due to Jason Kidd’s clutch 3-pointer, it’s time to take stock again.

With the NHL continuing to piss off fans with a lockout that is now seriously threatening to derail the entire season, it’s hard to imagine a time when the NBA was this much more viable than their hockey counterparts.

Hell, we even had basketball coaches sounding off like hockey coaches last night. Does John Tortorella know anything about the Triangle offense?

Here’s Mike D’Antoni showing T.J. Simers that the West Coast media is puppies and rainbows compared to what he dealt with during his Knicks tenure:

And just because there’s no hockey doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the greatest coach rant of all-time today. Here’s former New Jersey Devils head coach Jim Schoenfeld going after referee Don Koharski. Ah, the good ol’ days.

SUV dunk gone wrong

There’s a chance that this attempted SUV dunk is worse than the infamous cannonball ice kid. Judging by this guy’s athletic prowess (we can’t tell much from the video but it doesn’t seem like he’s any sort of young Blake Griffin) and the fact that he’s pushing off what appears to be three bags of lawn seed, there is absolutely no doubt that given 5,000 opportunities to pull this off successfully – he dunks the ball a grand total of zero times.

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