Playing the Field: NFL reporter hit in the head with a football

There are very few things as funny as an unsuspecting person being hit in the head with a football. Or basketball. Or dodgeball. Really anything that could cause a concussion.

One time in high school, when I was gym, a friend of mine tossed a basketball down from the bleachers, yelled “Mark!” and I promptly turned around to get hit smack in the face. Hilarious. For everyone except me.

Well Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network was the latest victim to be hit in the face on live TV. He was giving a report from last night’s Texans-Packers game when someone pulled an Ines Sainz and he was smacked right in the face.


There are actually hundreds of YouTube videos dedicated to exactly this phenomenon.


NFL weekend craziness

Every weekend in the NFL is good for a few things we’ve never seen before.

Take Bucs punter Michael Koenen for instance. The guy had a punt blocked and threw an interception ON THE SAME PLAY! How is this even possible? Well, like this:

Yep, that’s a guy having his punt blocked and throwing a pick on one play all right.

And just to bring this post full circle, how about this crazy catch by Harry Douglas of the Falcons? Somehow the ball manages to bounce off the cornerback’s helmet right to Douglas, who is lying on the ground. At least Joselio Hanson was wearing a helmet when he got hit.

If only Tim Tebow could have figured out how to do this.

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