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Playing the Field: Trash-throwing fans get a tribute

Disclaimer: Metro does not endorse the actions in this post.

Now, who wants to watch sports fans act like animals?! Of course you do.

By now you’ve probably seen Friday night’s Braves-Cardinals wild-card play-in game and the awful infield fly rule call Sam Holbrook made (why would you do that old guy in “Into the Wild”?). If you haven’t, well here’s the video and accompanying trash throwing by the angry Atlanta fans:

A few people have come out later and said they agreed with the call, namely Harold Reynolds, but presumably not anyone who was at the game.

It only seems fitting that the game took place in Atlanta and former Braves and World Championship Wrestling owner Ted Turner was in attendance. Hulk Hogan joining the nWo anyone?

The incident I remember most though, is the infamous beer bottle barrage in Cleveland in a Browns-Jaguars game on Dec. 16, 2001 during the Tim Couch/Butch Davis era. Referee Terry McAuley went to replay after a play had already been run, saying they had been notified beforehand. Let’s just say the Dawg Pound didn’t take kindly to that assertion.

Of course it was Gus Johnson doing the play-by-play on that game. If you didn’t watch the whole video, they actually ended up calling it with time left on the clock (and the Browns driving to take the lead). That set up the lasting image of the refs ducking for cover as they ran up the tunnel being pelted with trash.

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