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Playing the Field: Trent Williams smacks Richard Sherman

Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman is quickly becoming one of the biggest punks in the NFL.

Following in the footsteps of many corners before him, Sherman loves to talk trash throughout the game, trying to goad players into snapping. He apparently succeeded against Redskins offensive lineman Trent Williams in yesterday’s wild-card matchup.

Williams didn’t like Sherman’s yapping after the game and greeted him at midfield — surrounded by cameras — with an open-handed shove to the face.

We don’t have the whole story yet, but remember, Sherman is the same guy who is responsible for chewing out Tom Brady (and tweeting about it) after the Seahawks beat them earlier this season.

Sherman explained his side of the fracas after the game, saying he told Williams to “swing” at him — and apparently Williams listened.

“He told me was going to swing, and he swung,” Sherman said. “That’s what he did, and that’s that. He thought I was going to be scared. I’m not scared.”

For the record, Sherman is 6-foot-3 and 195 pounds while Williams is 6-foot-5 and 325 pounds. I go with Williams in that fight.

Sherman apologized after the game, saying it was “immature,” but didn’t get into what triggered the incident other than saying he was heated in the moment.

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