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Playing the Field: Ugly gymnastics falls and Paulina Gretzky DOES NOT have a ’99’ tattoo

I have to admit, the Olympics is winning me over.

Didn’t want to get caught up in the Opening Ceremony, because it’s usually a case of the host country trying way too hard to flaunt its few qualities. But overall, it was a solid show for a PG crowd.

Then came the sports. While I thought previously that I would simply have the channel set on OBASK (the Olympic basketball channel), I slowly but surely started turning over to NBC to whet the palette (ewww).

I always forget that gymnastics can be entertaining. And the masses certainly agree. Of course, the only reasons it is entertaining to a wide audience is because: 1. We only have to care about it once every four years; 2. Girls in leotards is made for TV the way football is; 3. There’s always the threat of a disgusting fall.

Watching Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross and Gabby Douglas on the balance beam Tuesday night got me thinking: How are there not at least four broken necks every other day with this thing?

Of course YouTube had to have had three or four “disgusting gymnastics injuries” montages. But even for someone who typically enjoys this kind of stuff (Sid Vicious breaks ankle is in my YouTube Top 5), “disgusting gymnastics injuries” made me particularly queasy.

Might want to hold off on lunch before viewing:

Does Wayne Gretzky’s daughter really have “99” tattooed by her Yum Yum?

We really don’t want Playing the Field to become solely about Paulina Gretzky (or do we?) after having her featured in this space yesterday. But the Great One’s daughter made headlines yet again today, when several sites across the web claimed that she had the No. 99 (the number daddy made famous), stamped by her crotch.

The evidence below clearly shows that she is wearing a bottom and that “99” is on clothing, not skin. See-through? Doubtful.

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