Alex Rodriguez Alex Rodriguez was at the Texas A&M-Alabama game on Saturday.
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We have an Alex Rodriguez sighting! And he's doing dumb stuff again! Nothing could make us more excited.

The Yankee third baseman (first baseman? designated hitter? bench warmer?) was in Dallas Sunday for the Giants-Cowboys game and for some reason he was exiting the tunnel ahead of the Cowboys during pregame. We don't know why, but he certainly wasn't paying much attention.


Rodriguez was forced to bail out of the way as quarterback Tony Romo led his squad onto the field.

Hey Alex, game's starting! Head's up!

We're not quite sure why Rodriguez was at the game. He's stated he was a big Miami Dolphins fan growing up in south Florida. He actually was the starting quarterback for his high school team and wore No. 13 to honor Dan Marino. He switched to No. 13 on the Yankees for the same reason. (Fun fact: Former Yankee Doug Mientkiewicz was actually a wide receiver for Rodriguez's high school team.)

A-Rod was making the rounds for Texas football teams over the weekend. He was also in attendance at the Texas A&M-Alabama game, which was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

He's had a lot of free time this year, but maybe it's time to get back in the cage with his suspension wrapping up officially in a couple weeks.

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