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Plenty of perks in butting out

Days, weeks and even months after giving up smoking may cause mayhem with your moods, causing you to be irritable, anxious and even depressed. The good news is that this is simply a reaction to your addiction to nicotine so eventually these will cease. Insomnia and fatigue may also be experienced.

Smoking affects the taste buds, so giving up will mean that you appreciate the taste of food more. Furthermore, your breath will smell better and if you have switched to snacking to curb cravings, this could actually make you have a better diet — if you snack wisely. Cut up small chunks of raw vegetables (broccoli, carrots, celery) or have a handful of nuts and seeds (sunflower or pumpkin seeds) or crunch through some sugar-free hard candy.

Weight gain when quitting smoking is common, but don’t let this be the case. Make exercise your distraction so that you don’t pile on the pounds and treat food as your only comfort. Regular exercise will also help boost your metabolism, energy levels and act as a natural mood lifter.

Smoking can cause the premature aging of the skin as well as increase dryness and irritation. As smoke passes over the face, it leaves behind residue that can clog up pores and leave the skin looking dull and ashen. As soon as you stop, skin tone will brighten up, leaving you looking fresher and younger.

Cigarettes cost money — a lot of it. Save that money and spend it on something you’ve always wanted.

You won’t need to leave the dinner table or the bar each time you need a cigarette, which can be a bit of a mood breaker when out with family, friends or work colleagues.

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