‘Polar penis’ is an actual thing that can happen and it happened to this guy - Metro US

‘Polar penis’ is an actual thing that can happen and it happened to this guy


The number of babies born addicted to opioids is on the rise in rural areas, according to this report.

The world’s oldest bird is expecting a chick.

Finger and toes aren’t the only extremities affected by the cold.

Trump and Yeezy met today. What did they talk about?

To recover from that “whaaat?” moment, remember that alligators and manatees can live in harmony, so maybe we can too.

A record number of journalists world-wide are imprisoned.

If all you want for Christmas is good ol’ fashioned “Nintendo thumb,”Best Buy is selling the classic consoles.

Trumpappointedhis secretary of state…

…who some sayPutin helped rise to power.

Planning for 2017, the Senate willhold a hearingin January regarding Russian hacking.

Meanwhile, Trump won’t make afinal decision about his businessesuntil January.

AndMike “Hot-Pence”is in Times Square raising money for LGBT charities.

Techies saidthey won’t help Trump spy on Muslimsor deport immigrants.

Worst nightmare. They thought he was dead and sent him to the morgue, butfound a pulse the next morning.

We’re still talking aboutClinton’s “damn emails.”

You know those “wine lips” you get while finishing off a bottle of red with your friend?Wine lip glossis sure to make you look more divine than drunk.

Happy 93rd birthday,Bob Barker!

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